Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Consultation

Love is Like a Butterfly

Are you in need of a change because you’ve gained more weight than you would like? We offer consultations with Dr. Gray or with Kristy Townsend, our weight loss coach. A one-on-one meeting will help us customize a plan for you because everyone is different. The consultation focuses on how changes to one’s diet can help regain one’s health and prevent future illness. Coaches will customize plans based on individual symptoms and needs.

”Every day is springtime.”


It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right

We all think of dietary fats as bad for us, but with our keto plan, you will learn that not all fats are bad; some are necessary for proper bodily functions. If we determine that the keto diet best suits your weight loss goals, we will help you learn which fats to
eliminate from your diet.

“Could I use you for a while?”


But You Know I Love You

For those looking to drop weight rapidly, we offer a 3-week to 6-week hCG program. By combining hCG, with a caloric deficit that’s right for you, we can stimulate weight loss using healthy foods. The results are incredible!

“You know I’m on the road.”


Here You Come Again

The goal of sermorelin therapy is to get your pituitary gland to produce more hCG naturally. Sermorelin helps increase muscle mass development after exercise and helps reduce fat.

“Just when I’ve begun to get myself together.”

MD Prescription Weight Loss

Two Doors Down

A consultation with Dr. Gray at our new weight loss center “better weighs” includes a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine whether prescription weight-loss medications such as phentermine or Ozempic should be utilized.

“Laughing and drinking and having a party.”

Lipotropic Injections


Lipotropics stimulate the loss of existing body fat while increasing the amount of energy a person feels. We have many forms of lipotropics, enabling us to find the right one for you.

“My happiness depends on you.”

Additional Weight Loss Services

Lab Work and Maintenance

9 to 5

Before a weight loss consultation is scheduled, we may recommend that lab work be completed since thyroid and hormonal issues can severely affect your weight loss.

“Pour yourself a cup of ambition.”

Home Visits

Coat of Many Colors

Almost everyone knows that to lose weight, he or she must commit to a healthier way of eating. What is confusing, however, is finding a weight loss plan that is right for each person. While life would be much easier if a “one-size-fits-all” type of diet worked for everyone, that is simply not the case. Home visits focus on eliminating bad food choices from your home and ensuring you have the right tools needed to lose weight.

“Made just for me.”

Virtual Consultation

Islands in the Stream

At beautymarx, we know that everyone isn’t comfortable being in public yet. To accommodate your needs, we offer virtual visits. This fully remote weight loss consultation allows clients to ask questions and discuss concerns between appointments. Our weight loss coach, Kristy Townsend, will make recommendations based on your symptoms and needs.

“And we rely on each other, ah-ha.”



This general weight loss lab package includes CBC with differential, CMP, lipid panel, comprehensive thyroid profile, A1c, cortisol level, and insulin level. You will need to be fasting for the above labs. A small amount of water with morning medications is okay. You will also need to STOP taking all forms of vitamin B and biotin for five days prior to your labs being drawn.



This comprehensive weight loss lab package includes all labs previously mentioned in addition to those drawn for those interested in hormone replacement therapy. You will need to be fasting for the above labs. A small amount of water with morning medications is okay. You will also need to STOP taking all forms of vitamin B and biotin for five days prior to your labs being drawn.