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VISIA Consultation

Strike a Pose

Our newbies will get a VISIA in-depth analysis of their individual facial characteristics letting them see the benefits of skincare programs planned for their specific complexions. VISIA measures skin pigmentation, pore size, and porphyrins. It also scans UV spots, sun damage, texture, and wrinkles. Get a customized treatment plan for future services and recommendations for products from our professional skincare lines, which include SkinCeuticals, Revision Skincare, The Body Deli and Face Reality.

“Beauty’s where you find it.”


Like a Virgin

Anti-aging facials stimulate your cells to reduce the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, and age spots. This improves texture, luminosity, and collagen depletion, and reduces inflammation. By exfoliating and moisturizing skin, anti-aging facials improve the skin’s texture, tone, and luster; give skin more color and vibrancy; reduce the signs of aging; and restore blood circulation.

It will be like you’ve been “touched for the very first time.”


Like A Prayer

Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade to gently exfoliate the tired skin cells on the surface layer of your skin and clears the skin of fine vellus hair. Dermaplaning creates a smooth surface; allows for greater absorption of products; stimulates circulation for a healthy glow; refines the appearance of pores; and reduces the appearance of acne scars.

“Come feel your power.”


Into the Groove

As we age, our skin cell turnover rate slows down, resulting in acne, wrinkling, and lackluster skin. We use masks, serums, and moisturizers that will leave your skin cleaner, brighter,
and more hydrated.

We will have you “stepping to the beat.”

Cleanse and Detoxify

Lucky Star

This deep cleansing will get rid of the buildup of oils, toxins, and dirt. Through exfoliation, dead skin is removed and pores are unclogged, promoting the absorption of necessary skin-enhancing vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C and E, retinoids, and collagen-stimulators. Through a detoxifying facial, your skin will look and feel softer and smoother.

“Starlight, star bright will make everything alright.”

Hydrafacial and Boosters

Express Yourself

If you’ve never had a HydraFacial, you’re in for a treat. We think it’s the best facial on the planet. Diamond tip technology, combined with suction to clean out pores, provides exfoliation, cleansing, extraction and hydration to the face. This system uses a vortex swirling action to deliver hydration and remove dead skin, debris, and impurities. This cleanses and soothes your skin to help improve overall skin texture, tone, and appearance. For a more enhanced result, add a booster such as Brightalive, Growth Factor, Dermabuilder or Britenol.

“You don’t need diamond rings or 18K gold” to shine, but you do need a HydraFacial.

Additional Facial Treatments



We’ve combined our relaxation facial treatment with the power of Celluma. This treatment includes masks, serums, and moisturizers that will leave your skin cleaner, brighter, and more hydrated, along with Celluma's high frequency LED lights, which target acne, wrinkles and scars.

”Beauty’s where you find it.”

Chemical Peels

Beautiful Stranger

You can add a chemical peel to any of our facials. We only recommend doing chemical peels in the fall and winter months, as the brightness of the sun may cause more damage to the tender skin after each peel. Choose from a mild level 1 to the most aggressive level 4.

”Change your point of view.”

All Natural

Material Girl

Experience our all raw and organic Body Deli products—from almond milk and cucumber to melon and blueberry—with a facial customized just for you. Our aesthetician will discuss the products being used and give you recommendations for at-home treatment to use in between facials. Your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

”And now they’re after me.”

Face Reality Acne Treatment

Crazy for You

Face Reality’s clear skin system will have your acne under control in about 3 or 4 months. Face Reality combines the power of customized, clinical-grade products for your type of acne, with a series of bi-monthly treatments. This treatment system has a 90% success rate due to its use of specific treatments. We will then schedule a follow-up appointment to assess, adjust and do another treatment if needed. This requires a commitment on your part, but the results are amazing.

“It’s all brand new.”

It’s Your Turn, Guys

Papa Don’t Preach

Your skin needs just as much love because you have more fuzz. Keep ingrown hairs in check: exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize. We know your skin is thicker, oilier, rougher and sweatier. Even your beard will appreciate high-frequency lights and combing to kill unwanted bacteria.

From masks to moisturizing, let us help you “make up your mind.”

Virtual Consultation

Who’s That Girl

At beautymarx, we know that everyone isn’t comfortable being in public yet. To accommodate your needs, we offer virtual visits. This fully remote skincare consultation is an opportunity to meet with us from the comfort of your home. Have an in-depth discussion with us to answer any questions and concerns you have regarding your skincare routine. Our aesthetician, Hannah, will make skincare recommendations based on your skin type and goals. We will also introduce you to products from SkinCeuticals, The Body Deli, Revision Skincare
and Face Reality.

“You try to get away, but you can’t.”